Dragon Ball Super Episode 110
Dragon Ball Super Episode 112

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111

The Surreal Supreme Battle! Hit vs Jiren!!

Instead of killing the defenseless Goku, Frieza shares with him some of his energy and repays his act of mercy during their fight on Planet Namek. Meanwhile, Hit uses his time-skip powers against Jiren, but his attacks fail to connect. Goku spectates the battle, but he is ambushed by Saonel (サオネル Saoneru) and Pilina (ピリナ Pirina), Namekians from Universe 6, who are confronted by Gohan and Piccolo. Elsewhere, Vegeta fights Ribrianne, and he is easily overpowering her in his base form until Rozie interferes and retreats with Ribrianne. Ribrianne loses hope due to the gap in power, but Rozie motivates her. Meanwhile, Hit keeps attacking Jiren to no avail, but he is able to react and block most of Jiren’s punches. After being knocked back, Hit sneaks up behind Jiren and lands a strong punch on his heart. He knocks Jiren to the edge of the ring after a brief struggle. Hit uses his own time-skip powers continually on Jiren to stop his movement. Realizing that he cannot hold Jiren for long, Hit urges Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale to keep fighting for Universe 6. Hit pools all his energy in a final attack to defeat him, but Jiren stops Hit’s attack only with his glare. Jiren breaks free and eliminates Hit. As the Tournament of Power reaches its midway point, Jiren begins to meditate. He is certain that there are no other warriors strong enough to fight him. Jiren leaves the fight to Toppo and Dyspo. Biarra (ビアラ Biara) and Catopesra (カトペスラ Katopesura) of Universe 3 attempt to attack him while meditating, but Jiren’s energy alone is enough to push them back.

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