Dragon Ball Super Episode 112
Dragon Ball Super Episode 114

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113

With Great Joy! The Repeat Battle-Crazy Saiyan Fight!!

Caulifla demands that Goku fight her and teach her how to unlock Super Saiyan 3 so that she can become strong enough to win the tournament. She begins fighting Goku, who does not initially power up beyond his base form. However, Goku’s superior martial arts skills allow him to keep up with her even in her Super Saiyan 2 form. Eventually, she is able to adapt to his moves, which forces Goku to power up to Super Saiyan 2 himself. The two of them fight evenly for some time. Goku later calls in Kale to join the battle. His superior power and skill enables him to fight them both at once, but they are able to match him by working together. They land a massive combined attack on him, but Goku powers up to Super Saiyan 3 and easily deflects their attacks. However, Goku lacks the stamina to maintain that form and reverts to Super Saiyan 2. Kale’s desire to become stronger inadvertently causes her to transform into her Super Saiyan Berserker form again.

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