Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 English Dubbed
Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 English Dubbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 English Dubbed

Accelerating Tragedy - Vanishing Universes

Goku battles against Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra from Universe 2, while Gohan and Piccolo are fighting against Saonel and Pilina. Saonel and Pilina’s power suddenly increases, and it is revealed that they had each fused with many Namekians from their universe before coming to the tournament, which greatly increased their own powers. Android 17 and Android 18 join Goku to help in the battle against the remaining Universe 2 warriors. It is revealed that Universe 2’s angel, Sour (サワア Sawaa), has been broadcasting the tournament to the populace of their universe. Universe 2’s inhabitants channel their love to Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra, who are able to transform into forms similar to Ribrianne, Rozie, and Kakunsa’s transformed states. Goku, Android 17, and Android 18 battle Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra, while Gohan and Piccolo continue fighting Saonel and Pilina. The Universe 2 trio unleash a legendary Universe 2 technique, the Pretty Black Hole, which traps and threatens to sink Goku, Android 17, and Android 18 through the fighting stage. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan Blue and breaks through the Pretty Black Hole with a Kamehameha that eliminates Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra, while Gohan and Piccolo blast Saonel and Pilina off the ring with a powerful combined attack that eliminates them as well. With all of their fighters eliminated, both Universe 2 and Universe 6 are erased. Brianne leads the Universe 2 team in a final happy moment before their erasure, while Cabba wishes Vegeta good luck. Champa taunts Beerus before being erased. Beerus remains impassive in the face of his brother’s erasure. Vegeta faces off against Katopesla and warns him that he is in a bad mood.

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