Dragon Ball Super Episode 120
Dragon Ball Super Episode 122

Dragon Ball Super Episode 121

All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge vs Universe 7's Full Scale Attack!!

Paparoni and Koichiarator merge to form Anilaza (アニラーザ Anirāza), the most powerful warrior from Universe 3. Anilaza begins to overwhelm the Saiyans, forcing No. 17 and No. 18 to reinforce them. The five attempt to coordinate their attacks to catch Anilaza off-guard, but he deflects them all. It is revealed that Anilaza can use echolocation to detect his opponents’ movements. Anilaza begins teleporting his punches, nearly knocking Goku off the stage until Frieza steps in and knocks him back into the arena. Realizing that the Universe 7 warriors will rescue each other from defeat, Anilaza attempts to eat No. 18, who is rescued by Goku. Anilaza then corners No. 17, overwhelms him, and knocks him out of the arena. No. 18 sacrifices herself to kick No. 17 back into the arena, and is eliminated. With no other options, the Universe 7 warriors power up to their maximum levels and engage in a ki clash with Anilaza, buying time for No. 17 to pierce through Anilaza’s attack and damage his energy reactor. This enables the others to overwhelm and eliminate Anilaza. With all of their warriors eliminated, Universe 3 is erased. As the Universe 7 warriors begin to celebrate, the remaining Universe 11 warriors step forward to challenge them.

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