Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 English Dubbed
Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 English Dubbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 English Dubbed

With His Pride on the Line! Vegeta's Challenge to Be the Strongest!

With only two universes remaining, the Grand Minister compresses the bleachers so that the remaining spectators are all close together. The final warriors begin their battle: Gohan and Android 17 battle Top, Frieza fights Dyspo, and Goku and Vegeta battle Jiren. Jiren overwhelms Goku with a flurry of punches, but Vegeta is able to analyze Jiren’s attack patterns and dodges his attacks. He lands a solid blow to Jiren’s midsection, but Jiren counters with a powerful blast that nearly rings Vegeta out. Meanwhile, Frieza blocks one of Dyspo’s attacks with his tail, but Dyspo uses it as leverage to injure him. Jiren disparages Vegeta for his self-righteousness, but Vegeta declares that his pride is the source of his strength. He powers up a Final Flash and goads Jiren into taking it head-on. However, the attack fails to damage Jiren, who acknowledges the power of Vegeta’s attack before incapacitating him with an energy blast.

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