Dragon Ball Super Episode 129
Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!

Having mastered the Ultra Instinct, Goku overpowers and corners Jiren, forcing him to unleash the true extent of his powers. The two then exchange attacks continously, and even despite almost being defeated twice, Goku stands up and recovers. When Jiren asks why Goku refuses to surrender, his friends claim that the source of Goku’s strength comes from the trust between him and his companions. Refusing to accept it, an enraged Jiren launches and attack on the bleachers which is repelled by a furious Goku, who finally defeats him. However, just as Goku is about to knock Jiren out, his body collapses from the burden of using the Ultra Instinct for too long, and Jiren takes the opportunity to knock Goku from the arena instead, but Goku is saved in the nick of time by Frieza and Android 17, who much to everyone else’s surprise, is still alive. As the two steel themselves to face Jiren, Goku writhes in pain as the Tournament of Power is about to conclude.

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