Dragon Ball Super Episode 34 English Dubbed
Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 English Dubbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 English Dubbed

Turn Your Anger Into Strength! Vegeta's Full-Bore Battle

Frost cockily announces his intent to utterly defeat Vegeta in combat with the presentation of yet another weapon. Both parties agree that the match should not be regulated by the standard rules of the tournament in order to avoid disqualification and allow the combatants to fight at their full power. Vegeta mercilessly assaults Frost and sends him flying out of the barrier. Vegeta declares that he did not kill Frost because he was not going to stoop down to the latter’s level. Beerus discovers that Goku was also affected by Frost’s weapon, and he proceeds to convince the referee to allow Goku to return to the competition. Goku protests the turn order because he desperately wants to see Monaka in combat. Beerus explains that Monaka, as his trump card, must fight last. This prompts a hushed remark from Whis concerning Monaka’s “true colors”. Vados generates a new barrier around the ring as the referee announces a new rule, where any contact an individual makes with the barrier automatically disqualifies them. Meanwhile, Frost attempts to steal the tournament winnings and escape in Champa’s transportation cube. Frost is stunned by a purple humanoid, Hit (ヒット Hitto), in the process. Hit takes the unconscious Frost back to the arena. The next match begins. Vegeta faces off against the robot Magetta (マゲッタ). The audience begins to dispute over Magetta’s eligibility because of the fact that Magetta can spit lava. Magetta is declared eligible because the lava is just his saliva. Magetta’s volcanic fumes engulf the barrier and cause Vegeta to perspire rapidly and breathe heavily from the extreme heat.

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