Dragon Ball Super Episode 66
Dragon Ball Super Episode 68

Dragon Ball Super Episode 67

With New Hope!! In Our Hearts Farewell, Trunks

Fusion Zamasu expresses his disbelief that a mortal could defeat him and then disintegrates. However, as everyone exchanges congratulations, Fusion Zamasu’s essence returns and begins spreading over the entire planet. Gowasu explains that Zamasu has cast off his physical form and is trying to physically merge his spirit and energy with the entire universe. Zamasu begins raining destruction down on the Earth and annihilates everything and everyone on the planet except Goku and the others. Zamasu’s power is even felt in the present timeline, where Beerus and Whis sense it. Goku looks for another Senzu bean in his pocket, but instead he finds the button that Zenō-sama gave him in the present timeline. Goku presses the button and Future Zenō-sama appears. After Goku explains the situation, Future Zenō-sama decides to erase the future timeline due to the corruption that Zamasu has caused. Gowasu and the Kaiōshin teleport away, while Goku and the others escape using the Time Machine. Future Zenō-sama erases the entire future timeline and destroys Fusion Zamasu. After the others return to the present, Goku and Future Trunks return to what is left of the future timeline. They retrieve Future Zenō-sama and bring him back to the present with them. Goku and Whis bring Future Zenō-sama to meet the present Zenō-sama, which fulfills Goku’s promise to provide the present Zenō-sama with a friend to play with. Whis also meets another angel, the Great Priest (大神官 Daishinkan), who is revealed to be his father, and invites him to visit Universe Seven. In the aftermath, Whis devises a solution for Future Trunks and Future Mai. Whis explains that they can return to the future timeline before Zamasu became a threat, which would create a new and safe version of the future timeline with the price of there being two duplicates of both Future Trunks and Future Mai living in the new timeline. Future Trunks and Future Mai accept Whis’ solution and use the time machine to travel to their new future.

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