Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 English Dubbed
Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 English Dubbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 English Dubbed

A Challenge From Champa! This Time, A Baseball Game!

Champa contacts Beerus and challenges him to a game of baseball (野球 Yakyū) as a way of reconciling Universes Six and Seven. The baseball game is arranged to be held on Universe Seven’s Earth. Champa explains to Vados that he intends to use the baseball game as an opportunity to steal food from Earth. The baseball game begins with Goku initially unsuccessful as the pitcher for Beerus’ team due to his lack of experience. Yamcha, who has extensive experience playing baseball, steps up and gives the Universe Seven team an advantage. However, he is injured several times over the course of the game by Vegeta, who is playing on the Universe Six team with Champa. Champa and Beerus end up fighting, which almost destroys the Earth. Whis and Vados intervene and call the baseball game off. Vados reveals that Yamcha, despite his injuries, made it to home plate and scored a run before the baseball game was called off. This results in Universe Seven winning the baseball game. Champa and his team return to Universe Six. Champa has seemingly forgotten his goal of stealing Universe Seven’s Earth’s food. Champa has already become obsessed with training to prepare for a rematch.

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