Dragon Ball Super Episode 74
Dragon Ball Super Episode 76

Dragon Ball Super Episode 75

Goku And Krillin! Back To The Old Training Grounds!!

Goku seeks a sparring partner to train with, but he laments being unable to find a suitable opponent. On Goten’s suggestion, Goku goes to ask Krillin, who is still working as a police officer. Krillin is grazed by a bullet during a shootout with a pair of burglars, but they are easily disarmed by Goku. Krillin declines Goku’s offer to spar. He knows he would be no challenge for Goku and that he has given up martial arts for good. Krillin is chastised by Android 18, who says the strong man she fell in love could never be harmed by a bullet. Her words lead Krillin to reconsider Goku’s offer and ultimately accepts it. The two leave for Master Roshi’s to train as they did when they were children. Krillin proves to be no match for Goku even though Goku is wearing a heavy suit as a handicap. Sensing Krillin’s self-doubt and believing that a different approach is needed, Master Roshi sends his students on a race to a heavily forested island to recover a rare herb. As a reward, Master Roshi offers to teach the winner a secret technique that can immensely increase the user’s strength. On the island, Goku and Krillin meet Fortuneteller Baba. They tell her about Master Roshi’s challenge. Interested to see what will happen, Baba decides to observe the race using her crystal ball. Goku and Krillin venture into the forest in search of the herb. As they enter, a heavy fog rolls in, where familiar foes emerge.

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