Dragon Ball Super Episode 7
Dragon Ball Super Episode 9

Dragon Ball Super Episode 8

Goku Steps Up! Beerus-sama’s Last Chance?!

Having powered up, Vegeta charges towards Beerus. He manages to land a few punches before Beerus, who was using only a fraction of his power, knocks him out. Just as he is about to destroy Earth, Beerus has a sudden idea. He decides to give the Earthlings another chance at saving Earth. Meanwhile, fearing for their lives, the Pilaf Gang disembark Bulma’s ship on a rowboat and sail away. Thinking he is the same as Majin Buu because of his pink hue, Beerus picks Oolong out of the crowd and challenges him to a game of rock–paper–scissors to decide the fate of the Earth. Oolong manages to draw twice, but Beerus eventually wins and proceeds to power up his attack. Just as Beerus is about to fire, Goku chimes in and says he has thought of a way to find out about the Super Saiyan God by summoning and asking Shenron.

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