Dragon Ball Super Episode 80
Dragon Ball Super Episode 82

Dragon Ball Super Episode 81

Bergamo The Crusher Vs Son Goku! Which One Wields The Limitless Power?!

Before their battle begins, Bergamo denounces Goku before the assembled gods. Bergamo pleads with Zenō-sama to rescind the rule that the universes that lose the Tournament of Power be erased. Zenō-sama agrees on the condition that Bergamo beats Goku in an all out battle. Great Priest states that if Goku holds back to cancel the destruction, Zenō-sama will immediately destroy all of the universes. Both Goku and Bergamo agree to the terms. When the fight begins, Bergamo invites Goku to hit him and leaves himself exposed. Goku obliges and strikes Bergamo several times, but Bergamo absorbs the energy of Goku’s attacks. He grows stronger and physically larger. Goku continues to attack, which causes Bergamo to grow so large that the ring begins to buckle under his weight. Goku transforms to Super Saiyan Blue, which shocks the gods and quickly overwhelms Bergamo with a Kamehameha. Bergamo claims every universe participating in the Tournament of Power will seek vengeance on Goku for making them face destruction, but Goku relishes the idea of such a challenge. The Zen Exhibition Match comes to a close and the Tournament of Power will soon begin. The universe with the most fighters remaining or the last fighter standing will be declared the winner. Suddenly, a mysterious fighter from Universe 11 named Toppo (トッポ) appears and challenges Goku to a battle. Goku, who is unsatisfied after his short fight with Bergamo, agrees to fight Toppo.

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