Dragon Ball Super Episode 117
Dragon Ball Super Episode 119

Dragon Ball Super Episode 118

Accelerated Tragedy Vanishing Universes...

The episode starts off with Goku battling against the remaining three warriors from Universe 2. Gohan and Piccolo are fighting against Saonel and Pirina. Both Universe 6 Namekians’ power levels surged suddenly and it turned out that Saonel and Pirina had absorbed several Universe 6 Namekians to had powered up greatly. They had adapted to their new powers just now. Meanwhile Android 17 and Android 18 joined Goku to help in the battle against the remaining Universe 2 warriors. Universe 2’s angel Sour had been broadcasting the tournament to the populace of the Universe and the population gave the remaining three warriors love which powered them up and transformed them into forms similar to Ribrianne, Rozie and Kakunsa’s transformation. Fighting commenced between the Universe 2 warriors and the Androids and Goku. Meanwhile Gohan decides to go Mystic after he discovers that he need not worry about killing Saonel and Pirina (as they had absorbed too many Namekians). Piccolo decides to move back to charge his Special Beam Cannon while Gohan fought. Piccolo had to use a not fully charged cannon when Saonel and Pirina counter attack intensely. Piccolo overcame the intense spirit he felt from the absorbed Namekians and started charging the Cannon again. In the same time frame, the Universe 2 trio mustered a legendary Universe 2 technique, Pretty Black Hole (a black heart). Goku and the Androids are trapped by this and could be elimnated from the bottom of the stage. Goku went Blue and both Goku and Gohan simultaneously unleashed a Kamehameha wave wave their respective opponents. Pirina countered and Saonel tried to move Gohan’s hand, but to no avail. Piccolo fired his Special Beam Cannon and both Universe 2 and Universe 6 warriors fell off the stage simultaneously. Universe 6 warriors decide to pose happily and Kale and Caulifla complimented the Namekian duo before being erased. Cabba wished luck to vegeta and Champa taunting his brother Beerus in a friendly manner before being erased. Vegeta is show clenching his fist slightly.

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