Dragon Ball Super Episode 118
Dragon Ball Super Episode 120

Dragon Ball Super Episode 119

Unavoidable?! The Fierce Stealth Attack!!

Vegeta overpowers Katopesla and drives him to the edge of the ring. Katopesla is able to catch himself, but he is then pushed over the edge and eliminated by an unseen force. Vegeta and Gohan are attacked by the same force, but Vegeta is able to stop himself from going over the edge, while Piccolo catches Gohan. 18 is attacked by the invisible fighter, who is revealed to be one of the missing Universe 4 fighters, Gamisaras (ガミサラス Gamisarasu). Gohan creates a cloud of dust that coats Gamisaras, allowing Piccolo to see him and easily overpower Gamisaras, eliminating him. Undaunted, Quitela orders the remaining Universe 4 fighters to step up their game. Shantza (シャンツァ Shantsa) generates a dome that envelops the arena and manifests illusions of the defeated fighters from the erased universes. However, Piccolo spots Shantza and blasts him off the ring, eliminating him and destroying the illusions. Universe 4’s last fighter, Damon (ダモン Damon) is also assumed to be invisible as Piccolo is able to sense Damon’s attacks, but he proves unable to hit Damon, who knocks him out of the ring and eliminates him. 17 discovers the truth and exposes Damon as a tiny, bug-like creature, rather than an invisible person, explaining why none of the fighters were able to hit him. To solve this problem, Goku repeatedly punches the ring, creating shockwaves that launch Damon into the air, canceling out his agility and allowing 17 to hit him with energy blasts. 17 traps Damon in a miniature force field and kicks him out of the ring, eliminating him. With all of their fighters eliminated, Universe 4 is promptly erased, leaving just three universes left with 12 minutes remaining in the tournament.

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