Dragon Ball Super Episode 124
Dragon Ball Super Episode 126

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125

With Imposing Presence! God of Destruction Toppo Descends!!

Goku and Vegeta continue their battle with Jiren while Android 17 and Toppo fight. During the fight Frieza joins in while Toppo is distracted by 17. Just as Frieza thought he eliminated Toppo gets up and powers up. The other fighters sense a strong energy coming from Toppo. Beerus states this power is equal to a God’s. Toppo makes up his mind to he the God of Destruction of Universe 11. Toppo uses his power which cracks the stage and changes the color of the sky. Toppo attacks 17 who continuesly fight back. Just as Toppo destories 17, Frieza jumps in and confrontd Toppo. Topoo knocks Frieza down to the fighting stage but 17 attacks him.

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