Dragon Ball Super Episode 125
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126

Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Desperate Blow!!

With No. 17 struggling in his fight against Toppo, everyone in the stands are on the edge, waiting to see how it will go down. Toppo powers up a huge energy ball and seemingly prepares to throw it at No. 17 until a beam is shot into the battle. No. 17 is seen getting knocked away and Frieza appears for redemption. Toppo again beats up Frieza, but him and No. 17 stand up willing to fight until the end. Goku and Vegeta are still fighting Jiren when the other fight collides between them and Jiren and Toppo decide to knock Vegeta away from his fight. Vegeta and Toppo now begin to clash as Frieza and No. 17 back off. Vegeta has much a better chance at eliminating Toppo. After a few hits and dodges, it looks as Toppo has won, but Vegeta somehow dodges the big energy ball from Toppo. Vegeta thinks of his family and sayian race, and proceeds in his attempt to defeat Toppo. Using the power of his Beyond Super Sayion Blue form pushes through the energy of destruction and lands a blow on Toppo. Even this does not seem at much advantage at all. Vegeta decides to blow his self up as he did with Majin Buu. Everyone at shock with his decision, watches with suspense. After a big explosion, Toppo is eliminated and Vegeta is alive, but really tired. With four fighters left for Universe 7, they looked to take down Universe 11’s Jiren with all the power they have.

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