Dragon Ball Super Episode 86
Dragon Ball Super Episode 88

Dragon Ball Super Episode 87

Hunt The Poachers! Goku And No.17’s United Front!!

Goku entices No. 17 with a wish on the Super Dragon Balls. As he begins to consider Goku’s offer, the alien poachers arrive and abduct all of the island’s animals. Goku uses his Instant Transmission to teleport himself and No. 17 aboard their ship before it can escape. After defeating some of the poachers, No. 17 sets off to defeat the leader, while Goku remains behind to battle the rest of the poachers. No. 17 confronts and easily defeats the leader. Goku catches up just as the leader pulls out a switch and threatens to self-destruct if he is not released immediately. No. 17 smashes him out of a window, which vents both of them into deep space. Goku manages to use his Instant Transmission to teleport all three of them to King Kai’s world. Dende contacts Goku and informs him that the leader’s threat was a bluff. Afterwards, Goku and No. 17 return the animals to their rightful homes. Jaco arrives to arrest the alien poachers. No. 17 decides to leave his island in the hands of Goten and Trunks and accepts Goku’s offer to fight in the Tournament of Power. He hopes to use the Super Dragon Balls to wish for an expensive boat and travel the world with his family.

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