Dragon Ball Super Episode 87
Dragon Ball Super Episode 89

Dragon Ball Super Episode 88

Gohan And Piccolo Teacher And Pupil Clash In Max Training!

Gohan and Piccolo engage in intense training. Piccolo explains that Goku has already informed him about the potential destruction of the universe and that he is going to participate in the Tournament of Power. He points out that Gohan’s over eagerness to protect his loved ones is making him reckless. Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan, and the two continue to spar. Meanwhile, Cabba heads to the residence of his retired captain and mentor, Renso (レンソウ). Cabba asks him to join Universe 6’s team for the Tournament of Power, but Renso refuses due to an injury to his leg. Renso suggests his sister, Caulifla (カリフラ Karifura), instead, who he claims is even stronger than him. Back in Universe 7, Piccolo removes his weighted clothes to go all out and quickly defeats Gohan. Piccolo explains that Gohan has a tendency to become arrogant when he has the advantage in battle. After being encouraged by Piccolo, Gohan manages to reach the Mystic form he used against Super Buu. The two fight again, and Gohan successfully severs Piccolo’s arm. However, Piccolo blasts him in the back with the severed arm and defeats Gohan, which proves Piccolo’s point about Gohan’s overconfidence. That night, Piccolo vows to push Gohan to new heights of power. They both agree to work on combination moves.

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